Inspection, Testing and Certification of Electrical Installations Training Course
City and Guilds 2395.  

A training course delivered by experienced engineers leading to the City & Guilds Level 3: the Certificate for Inspection, Testing and Certification of Electrical Installations City & Guilds Scheme 2395.

The Institute of Electrical Engineers (IEE) wiring regulations are the definitive standards for the electrical industry for the installation, safe use and operation of electrical equipment and systems.  The City & Guilds scheme, 2395 is aimed at practising electricians with relevant experience who have passed the 17th edition wiring regulations course, City & Guilds 2382, and are able to carry out the required tests on electrical installations.

The 2395 training course is delivered in Kent at our Rochester training centre or can be delivered on your premises by special arrangement. 

The scheme is assessed by an online multiple choice test of 1 hour 20 mins duration, and a written exam of 1 hour 30mins and a set of practical assessments.   The exam and assessments are externally set and marked by City & Guilds.  Certification for this course is from City & Guilds.

2395-301 Comprises multiple choice short answer questions (1 hour 20 mins)

2395-302 Comprises 6 written answer questions (1 hour 30 mins)
2395-303 is the practical component and consists of a series of practical assessments

Inspection, Testing and Certification of Electrical Installations (City & Guilds 2395)

The course syllabus comprises two components,

1) Inspection, Testing and Certification and

2) Periodic Inspection and Testing and Certification

Inspection, Testing and Certification Practical competence

Selection and testing of instruments, completing inspection reports, carrying out a periodic inspection

Preparation for Inspection and Testing
The legal framework and guidance notes

 Inspection items to be checked, BS 7671 requirements, the extent and limitation of a Periodic Inspection report, the requirements for safety.

Instruments, sequence of tests, protective conductors, ring circuits, Insulation resistance, penetration and flashover, electrical separation, special installations and locations, the IP Code, polarity, earth fault loop impedance, earth electrodes, residual circuit devices, prospective fault current


Candidates carry out 4 specific practical assessments on a simulated test rig designed for the purpose.  They have to satisfy all the performance criteria and observe the correct health and safety procedures.

Assessment 1 Installation Inspection

Assessment 2 Insulation resistance test

Assessment 3 Phase Earth loop impedance test

Assessment 4 Tests required completing the Periodic Inspection report

IPS International provides suitable tools and test instruments to carry out all the tests on the simulated installation training rig.  

The full training tuition programme comprises:-

The requirements of BS 7671:2001 for inspection, testing and certification
Guidance given in IEE Guidance Note 3, Inspection & Testing,  
Practical demonstrations and practical testing sessions,
Preparation for the practical assessments and written examination, 
A (closed book) exam in two sections comprising short answer and structured questions. 
A practical assessment, which will be carried out at a half-day session during or following the training course. 

Note - Exam is on the Tuesday evening of the following week